a candid convo with grant.

Hi, I’m Grant and I’m a wheelchair user in my late 30's. I’ve tried all the mainstream dating apps and they’re just so bland- and really hard!  When you express a disability on the mainstream apps, it never goes well.  The only times I’d meet with people is by hiding my wheelchair on my profile and then opening up in the chat messages once we’re connected.  But I’ve given up on all that-

if you can’t be upfront and
honest, then what’s the point?

I live independently, I’m outgoing, I’m confident and I love fishing, camping, getting on a dance floor and having a good time. I turn a few heads in the process as I’m not what lots of people expect.

Without fail, the first question
I get is “Can you still have sex?”

Well, I can tell you the answer is yes. I can’t wait to have Chattii as a platform to connect with people that have an open-mind. I don’t know who I’ll find- they might be an able-bodied person, or someone living with disabilities, but I’m sure they’ll be open minded, spontaneous, independent and a free thinker.

I’m so glad to see Chattii out there, not just for me, but for all people living with disabilities. People face a range of challenges when it comes to dating- and it might even just be confidence.


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